Letter to Nickelodeon

Tendra has finished writing the tentative letter to Nickelodeon, which you can view here:


A self-addressed envelope will be attached with this letter, which will be mailed no later than Monday.  Write a comment to this post or visit the HA6S forum thread to give your feedback.

Registration Reminder

A reminder to all people who have created an account on the HA6S forums but have yet to register as a HA6S staff member that they need to visit the “Register as a Staff Member” sub-forum and post a thread with their registry information so that they may gain greater access to the forums.  These are a list of people who still need to do so:

  • Cascadan
  • Smichiko
  • Heyarnoldfan13
  • Iffy
  • Engelen
  • Heydany28
  • Lyss
  • Kiki_19
  • Albee1000
  • Sophiaslover
  • Szark
  • Heartybones

First HA6S Episode: Urban Legend

The first HA6S episode will be an urban legend.  We are currently discussing its possible storyline in the “General Discussion” forums, and plan to have the story outline for this episode done no later than July 20, 2009.  Please join us and give us any suggestions/ideas you may have.

Thank you!

– The Directors