New Episode Project (Helga’s Bow)

A new episode project has started, currently titled as “Helga’s Bow”.  A new sub-forum (only accessible by staff members) has been created for it, which you can see here.  Story outline for this episode project has been completed, which you can see here.  The current team for this project is as follows:

  • Group Leader: sueKay
  • Script Writer: sueKay
  • Editor: coloredskies84
  • Thumbnails: Retromanka
  • Line Artist: sueKay
  • Colorist: sueKay
  • Cover Artist: sueKay

They are currently looking for at least:

  • 1 Editor
  • 1 Thumbnail Artist
  • 1 Penciler
  • 2 Colorist (block coloring, shading, highlights, ect.)
  • 1 Background Artist

If you think you can help, please respond to sueKay’s want ad here or here.

Urban Legend Pilot Episode

The first 19 pages of the script has been completed, which you can find here.  Tendra91, the scriptwriter, needs some help writing Helga’s soliloquy in this episode project.  Hence, if you have any suggestions, please throw them up here.  Here is the current team for this project:

  • Group Leader: Tendra91
  • Script Writer: Tendra91
  • Penciller: Bloochikin
  • Inker: Annemiek
  • Colorist: Annemiek
  • Background Artist: Tendra91, Retromanka
  • Cover Artist: Bloochikin

Editors will be personally contacted by Tendra91, and Thumbnail Artists / Clean-up Artists are currently not needed.

Style of Background Artists

It has been decided that all backgrounds for the HA6S project will be done in the style of watercolor.  We thank all artists who participated in the decision-making of the background style.


To keep this project as a healthy online working environment that minimizes copyright violations, it is crucialthat our members are honest about their work, inside and outside the project.  And this includes not plagiarizing other’s work.

It has come to the attention of the directors that one of our staff members have been plagiarizing another one of our member’s work in a different HA! fan-community.  We have already dealt with that person, but this is a notice to all HA6S members that we absolutely have no tolerance for plagiarism (inside and outside the project) and serious offenders will be expelled.  Thank you for understanding.



Registration Reminder

A reminder to all people who have created an account on the HA6S forums but have yet to register as a HA6S staff member that they need to visit the “Register as a Staff Member” sub-forum and post a thread with their registry information so that they may gain greater access to the forums.

Letter to Nickelodeon

We have yet to receive a reply from Nickelodeon.  If we do not receive a reply from Nickelodeon by September 15, 2009, we will proceed to inform Craig Bartlett about this project and a second letter will be resent to Nickelodeon.

Notice to All Script-Writers

A reminder to all script-writers that they are free to start writing a script for an episode idea they have whenever they want.  The sooner the better!

Help Advertise

If you have an account on, Deviantart, Youtube, Live Journal, etc. you can post a short message giving some details about the projectwithin the main page of your profile. It’s a good idea to keep it short so that you don’t intimidate people with a long boring advertisement. Let people know that the HA! fan community is still alive; and awaken all of those “sleeping fans” who are just oozing talent…help them put that all that talent to good use before they make a mess Wink 

Here is a generic message that you’re welcome to use if you don’t want to think up your own:

Hey Arnold! fans, spread the word that the fandom is still alive and kicking. On July 6thHA6S was started. HA6S is a collaborative project where HA! fans will attempt to create fanmade sixthseason episodes in comic form. Through this project, we hope to rekindle more interest in this great cartoon and help bring the HA! fan-community closer together. By producing fanmade sixth season episodes, HA! fans are able to get more HA! without potentially spoiling “The Jungle Movie”. We hope we have caught your interest and that you can join us!

You can learn more about the project on this WordPress site:

If you’re interested in joining the project, visit the forum where it’s being discussed:

Remember, you are always welcome to join!

Got an Announcement of Your Own?

If you have something that you would like to add to the HA6S announcements, feel free to write a new thread to the Announcements sub-forum or send a PM to tendra91.


If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask in the Questions sub-forum or write a PM to the directors.

Thanks for reading!

– The Directors