Second Letter to Nick

A second letter to Nick will be sent to Cyma Zarghami, the current President of Nickelodeon, this Sunday, October 4, 2009.

Letter to Craig Bartlett

We are still looking for someone to either snail mail or email Craig Bartlett about this project.  If you are able to, please contact Tendra91 via a forum PM or at  She will tell you what you need to include in your letter.

Urban Legend Pilot Episode

The first and third page of the pilot episode has been colored beautifully by Annemiek.  Keep up the great work!

Helga’s Bow Episode Project

Script by SueKay is almost done.  We look forwards to seeing it!

New Girl in Town Potential Episode Project

ElegantVamp is looking for a team to start a new episode project.  The plot involves a new, richer, possibly better looking girl than Rhonda moving to Hillwood.  18log and ElegantVamp are currently working on the story outline.  Her group is looking for Editors and various Artists alike.  If you are interested, please visit her want ad here and her episode idea discussion thread here.

Clean-Up Artist Wanted

Danettemarie is looking for a clean-up artist to help with her one-shot gag comic, “Sid’s Log”.  If you are interested, please respond to her want ad here.


HA6S Logo / Theatrical Trailer

Our advertising team is currently discussing our first theatrical trailer and design of the HA6S logo. If you have any ideas, please visit their thread here.

Registration Reminder

A reminder to all people who have created an account on the HA6S forums but have yet to register as a HA6S staff member that they need to visit the “Register as a Staff Member” sub-forum and post a thread with their registry information so that they may gain greater access to the forums.

Got an Announcement of Your Own?

If you have something that you would like to add to the HA6S announcements, feel free to write a new thread to the Announcements sub-forum or send a PM to tendra91.


If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask in the Questions sub-forum or write a PM to the directors.

Thanks for reading!

– The Directors