Hi Guys!

We got a new forum theme, just for this Halloween season! So Happy Halloween! I thought a change would be nice, so here it is. Don’t worry, it’ll be temporary if you don’t like it because, well, Halloween doesn’t last forever (unfortunately.). There are some tweaks in the forum theme that I’m stil trying to fix (like how the text is white when you’re writing a post reply or making a new thread), so I’ll try to fix that ASAP! So for now, if you can, use the quick reply function.

If you see any other bugs in the forum’s theme, please let me know.

The forumotion server seems to be having some trouble. There was a problem with the orginal forum theme we had when the forum’s background failed on us (it said something like “Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded”), so depending on whether or not they can fix that, we might have a new theme (again!) after this Halloween theme.

Also, some of our avatars don’t seem to be working, so if you’re still alive, please reupdate them. Sorry about that!

But other than that, please enjoy the day!

Happy Halloween!