Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since an announcement has been made (my bad), but I do want to get us up and running again. So I was wondering what everyone’s summer schedule was looking like, so that we could coordinate something around here.

Here’s my real-life situation right now:

So as most of you can guess, I am in school (university). Currently I nearing in on my final exams. They end on April 24, so until then, I’ll be busy for the most part, but still lurking around the forums in case something important shows up.

My schedule will be completely free from Apr 24 to May 5. I plan to get us started back up on our feet again during that time (which is when I’ll post a new announcment on the board). I have clinical practice (where I get to work at the hospital! Yay!) from from May 5 – May 14. Although my weekdays will most likely be busy during that time, my weekends should be completely free.

I am taking spring (May 17 – June 25) and summer (July 5 – August 17) courses, but for the most part, they are of only a moderate workload. So I should be able to work with you guys at a fairly good pace during that time.

So once I am done my winter term (Apr 24), I plan to have a complete and comprehensive summary of everything we’ve did so far (including want ads) by May 1. Things I hope to get done:

  • Get some progress done on the urban legend pilot episode (i.e. get some pages done)
  • Check up on how we’re doing with Helga’s Bow and Potty Mouth episode project
  • Post up want ads for artists. We are in dire need of them. I was thinking of making picture ads (i.e. a picture that says something like “Wanted: Artists” and a summary of each potential episode project that needs an artist(s) and post them up on DeviantArt or something)
  • Help out with some of the other proposed episode projects.

So if anyone can help out with these before then, that’d be great! If not, that’s okay, we’ll get running again in the summer.

So I was wondering if all our available members could post up a quick summary of what their summer looks like, and see if we’ll be able to get some good work done over the summer! We’ve already done some AWESOME work already since we’ve first started, so let’s keep at it!

Thanks for reading!

– Tendra