Hi all,

Happy first of October!  In a week, it will be October 7, 2010 (aka Hey Arnold’s 14th anniversary)!  This was our planned release date, and I am impressed and inspired by everyone’s hard work, time, and effort they put into this project.  We have made *strides* with this project.  Several well-developed episode ideas have been made, we have a several gag comics at hand, and have made a lovely number of fabulous and beautiful webcomic pages.  Give yourself a round of applause, HA6S staff members, because you are the best.  Seriously.  We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Although we have several comic pages at hand, we need to address whether or not this is enough to release them to the public.  Our pilot episode is not finished yet, although we are about 1/3 done.

So, we have mainly two routes to take with this project.

1. We can go on to release the comic pages.  We can start with releasing our gag comics until we have a comfortable amount of buffer pages for the real comic episodes, and then start releasing them.  Good thing about this is that we’re on time, but bad thing is that we may eventually run out of comic pages and be forced to go into a hiatus (in terms of releasing comics) until further notice (i.e. when more pages are made).

2. We postpone the HA6S release date, preferably by a year.  We will need to edit our current advertisements to change the release date, but hopefully, we will be adequately prepared to release our comics by then.

Please express your thoughts and opinions in our HA6S forums (under “Announcements”).  It would greatly help!  🙂