Hi all!

Funnybones021 and I are in the middle of making our forums cleaner, so that it’s easier for you guys to navigate through it.  As you may have noticed, Funnybones did a great job of archiving some of our old Announcement and General Discussion threads, which you can find here in the “Archives” sub-forum: http://ha6s.forumotion.com/f21-archives

In addition, there has been some revamp on our main HA6S WordPress site!  If you look at the “Current Episode Projects” page (https://ha6s.wordpress.com/current-episode-projects/), you will notice that we are all up to speed on our episode projects, from our first pilot episode to our newest project “Runaway”!  Each episode project has its own page dedicated to it, with all of them having the following descriptive features:

  • Last time page was updated
  • Newest items highlighted in red
  • Staff members (current and past) for that project
  • Descriptive status of project
  • To-do list for project, with highest and lowest priorities listed

The most important thing about these episode project pages that I want to bring to your attention is the To-Do List, specifically the highest priorities.  These are the most important things that need to be done for the project before it can move further on.  Some of these projects are currently stalled due to a lack of artists and, as a result, cannot progress any further.  If we can all help by doing some advertising and reaching out to our great artists in the HA! community, that would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you also have any ideas on how to “clean-up” our forums or WordPress site, let us know in this thread!

Thanks so much for your attention!

– The Directors