Hello and thank you for your interest!  The HA6S project is a collaborative fan-comic project that gives people the opportunity to participate in the HA! fan-community as well as the prospect to flex and improve their skills as an artist/writer, ect.  This project is heavily dependent on the contributions of its volunteers, so any help, big or small, would be greatly appreciated!  We’re highly flexible in terms of length of commitment, so your contribution can range from something small (like making an advertisement) to something large (like working on an episode project).  There are many ways to help, so please take the time to read through the possible roles you can play.

Once you have an idea of how you want to contribute, you can learn how to register as a HA6S staff member.

Possible Roles



Write and devise a storyline for a sixth season episode.  At the HA6S project, you will be given the opportunity to flex/improve your skills as a writer and the chance to have your story drawn into a comic!  You can be a Brainstormer, Script Writer, and/or a Thumbnail Artist.  Let your creative side loose as the possibilities for a sixth episode storyline are huge.  For example, it’s no problem if your story has Arnold and the gang as teenagers/adults.  No biggie!  The episode could be about Arnold and the gang dreaming/fantasizing about what it would be like in an alternate future.  Just be sure that your story can comply with the simple and easy to follow storyline criteria.



Come up with and devise the general storyline for a sixth season episode.  Brainstormers should be able to write/explain a detailed outline of their story’s sequence of events and are recommended to work closely with Script Writers, Thumbnail Artists, and Editors.


Script Writers

Write the script and dialogue for a sixth season episode storyline so that it may be converted into a comic.  Script writers should be comfortable with the speaking style of each HA! character and are recommended to work closely with Brainstormers, Thumbnail Artists, and Editors.


Thumbnail Artists

Convert the script of a sixth season episode into comic form by determining the panel layout of each comic page.  Thumbnail artists should be able to visualize how an episode storyline would look like as a comic and are recommended to work closely with Brainstormers, Script Writers, other Artists, and Editors.  No drawing skills are required.


Gag Writers

Create the script and thumbnails for a HA! one-shot (gag) comic.  Unlike regular episode projects, one-shot (gag) comics do not require a complete storyline, are very canonical, and are much shorter (i.e. less than 10 pages).  They can be bloopers, supplementary scenes to existing HA! episodes, ect.  Gag writers are recommended to work closely with other gag writers, editors, and artists.



Help revise and improve the storylines of regular episode projects and gag comics by looking out for and correcting any mechanical errors and plotholes.  Editors should be able to look over storylines with a critical eye and give tactful but helpful constructive criticism.  They are highly recommended to watch all 100 HA! episodes and “Hey Arnold! The Movie” before working on the HA6S project and will be working with writers and artists alike.



Draw the comics for the HA6S project!  Flex and improve your skills as an artist as you will be given several opportunities to work on various episode projects of your choice.  Art style is not a huge issue as long as you can draw in a way that readers can easily identify who each HA! character is.  Comics can be drawn by hand or computer, be in colour or black and white, ect.  You may wish to share the art process with other artists, as the role of Artist is split into several subroles — you can be a thumbnail artist, penciler, inker, colorist, background artist, and/or clean-up artist.  However, artists working on an episode project will be asked to keep a small commitment: for simplicity and consistency reasons, an entire episode project should be drawn by the same (group of) person(s).  For example, an inker working on Episode Project #1 will have to ink all pages of that episode project.  The next episode project can be inked by a different person, but that person will have to ink all pages of Episode Project #2.  An artist sub-role (i.e. penciler, inker, colorist, ect.) can be shared between two people as long as they share a similar art style.  Overall, the HA6S project gives you the opportunity to work with other HA! fans to create a higher form of fanwork.


Thumbnail Artists

Convert the script of a sixth season episode into comic form by determining the panel layout of each comic page.  Thumbnail artists should be able to visualize how an episode storyline would look like as a comic and are recommended to work closely with Brainstormers, Script Writers, other Artists, Editors.  No drawing skills are required.



Using the Thumbnail Artist’s thumbnail pages as a guideline, sketch the comic pages of a sixth season episode project.  Pencilers are recommended to work closely with Thumbnail Artists and Inkers.  However, since sketching is an optional step in the comic-making process, pencilers may or may not be needed for certaub sixth season episode projects.



Finalize the sketched pages of an episode project by drawing the comic page’s lineart.  Inkers are recommended to work closely with Pencilers, Colorists, and Clean-up Artists.



Colour (or shade, if the comic is in black and white) the main characters and props in the comic pages of an episode project.  Colorists are not required to colour/shade the backgrounds, although they are recommended to work closely with Inkers, Background Artists, and Clean-up Artists.


Background Artist

Draw and colour/shade the backgrounds of an episode project’s comic pages.  Background Artists may wish to draw one large background and then using bits of the picture for each comic panel, so that backgrounds already drawn may be used in the future.  They are recommended to work closely with Colorists and Clean-up Artists.


Clean-up Artists

Type in (by computer) the narration and dialogue of an episode project’s comic pages.  If they have not already been inserted, word bubbles should be drawn in with the dialogue by the Clean-up Artist.  Similar to the role of Editor, Clean-up Artists will look for and correct any graphical errors in the comic (e.g. incorrect hair colour, body proportions, ect.).  They may also add additional special effects (e.g. movement lines, blur, sepia tones, ect.) to the comic pages as that they see fit in order to enhance the presentation of the episode project.  Clean-up Artists are recommended to work closely with other artists.



Increase the awareness of the HA6S project through art, videos, writing, and/or word of mouth.  Doing so will help increase the audience size for this comic project as well as help recruit new staff members.  They may also help advertise future episode projects via sneak-peeks and teasers.  Length of commitment to the HA6S project as an Advertiser is very flexible, ranging from as little as one advertisement to as large as dozens of advertisements.


Website Managers

Make and design the official HA6S website where the HA6S comics (episodes) will be released to the general public to read.  One active member of the HA! fan-community, Destineyjen, has volunteered to create a sub-domain for the official HA6S website to be opened October 7, 2010.  Website managers will be required to work with Destineyjen and other website managers.


Critical Analyzers

Express and explain your opinions/observations about HA! to the HA! fan-community by contributing and writing posts to the “Hey Arnold!” Critical Analysis website.  Doing so can help give the HA6S staff and HA! fans more varied insights and lessons on the world of “Hey Arnold!”, and can help you understand the cartoon series better as you explain your opinions/observations.



Help the HA6S project to be more inclusive by translating the HA6S comic from English to other foreign languages!  Translators are expected to be fluent in writing/reading English and the language that they intend to translate the HA6S comic into.



43 Responses to “Be a Part of the Project!”

  1. hellerick Says:

    How about yet one role: translator? I speak Russian and know people who’d be willing to translate the texts into Ukrainian; Annemiek speaks Dutch; there are many Spanish-speaking fans etc.

    1. Tendra Says:

      We’ll add that. Thank you!

  2. lasatin Says:

    am I in the team of traslation?

    1. Tendra Says:

      Not yet! We need you to create an account on the HA6S forums (http://ha6s.forumotion.com) and then place your registry information in the sub-forum titled “Register as a Staff Member”. See you on the forums!

  3. john Says:

    I want to be on the team of editing and my accout is not working.

    1. Tendra Says:

      If your account name is “john”, “otter”, or “JohnKindley”, then I’ve activated your account. It should work by now. Try logging in again on the forums and see if it works. And be sure to register in the “Register as a Staff Member” sub-forum! Thank you!

  4. Joshua Says:

    I Want To Be A Web Desighner But It Wont
    Le Me Click On The Link And Im Sighned Up.

    1. funnybones021 Says:

      I activated your Joshua Mikkelsen account manually (not the 101 account). You should be able to log in and register in the Registration thread:

      1. Joshua Says:

        Can You Do It For My 101 Account Please. I Got A New E-Mail Adress
        So I Forgot My Last Account Info.

    2. funnybones021 Says:

      Ok, I activated your 101 account. I guess I should have just activated both of them in the first place.
      You should be able to log in now.

  5. Joshua Says:

    Sorry About The Last E-mail!
    ……… Web Desighner…………….

    1. funnybones021 Says:

      Oh sorry, I didn’t see this comment. Did Tendra already fix the problem for you?

      Anyway, you should still visit this thread to finish your registration as a HA6S staff member:

  6. Sarah B Says:

    Maybe we should make the “jungle” movie ourselfs, and i would love to be apart of brainstormer

    1. funnybones021 Says:

      We decided not to make the Jungle movie because we don’t want to spoil it, just in case Nick lets Craig do it sometime in the future.

      You can register as a brainstormer in the “Register as a Staff Member” section of the HA6S forum here:

      Make sure you read the sticky thread before you register.

      1. Gabby Says:

        I’m curious to how likely that is, Nick letting Craig actually make the Jungle Movie I mean.

        It’s been quite a while since then, do you think that they will bring Hey Arnold! back to an audience that never even grew up with it?

        I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but I’m really curious about it lD;

  7. baybaysn1 Says:

    i was in my library a few weeks ago and noticed i n the movie section hey arnold the movie i ha vent seen it forever and if u go o n youtube their are many people h=who want it on air again many shows on nick are going down so if their is anyways we could put it on air ill do it for the kids and me that is one of my favorite shows ive ever seen tiill they took it off plz save the show

  8. Joshua Says:

    Hi Everyone!!!
    I Just Sent Nick.com A New Letter From Me!
    If theirs Anyway Anyone Could Contact Tendra And tell Her I Would Like It Very Much! THANKS!

  9. peachcake21 Says:

    What does it take to be in this?
    I have many great ideas in my mind that I have to blurt out to HA!
    Personaly I believe im more of idealist than an accual story writer so id be a good brainstormer.

    1. Tendra Says:

      Just pure interest! Visit us at our forum (http://ha6s.forumotion.com), set up an account, and register as a staff member (http://ha6s.forumotion.com/register-as-a-staff-member-f4/) and you’re set to go!

      Hope to see you there!

  10. Jalikscheeks Says:

    I would like to be an (Script) Editor and/or Critical Analyzer.
    I am a pretty fast reader and can be very meticulous when examining prose, I like to read and have written a few fanfics (though none for HA! yet), and I took a month-long Screenwriting course at my college.
    I have been watching HA! episodes for fun and have recently begun to analyze them on my own (thought this has been purely for hedonistic pursuits). I do not mind looking at the HA! Wikia and Critical Analysis site for information.
    Plus I love Hey Arnold!.
    I will say that I am in my final semester at college and may not be able to be as active as I would like. However, if asked to do work, I will try my hardest to look at any work presented to me and offer my opinion should it be needed.

    1. Jalikscheeks Says:

      my contacts are jalikscheeks@hotmail.com and my Youtube profile–“Jaliks1988.” thanks!

      1. Tendra Says:

        Hi Jalikscheeks, thanks for your interest!

        You should be all set up over at the forums! I put down your name as “Jalikscheeks” on the staff credits. Let me know if you want it changed ect.

        As a critical analyzer, I’ll need you to create a WordPress account and have you notify me of the email you used to create said account. That way, I can add you on as a contributing writer to the HACA site (http://haca.wordpress.com) and you should be set to go. You can reply back here, send me a PM, or email me at tendra.p@gmail.com


        – Tendra

  11. RegCure Says:

    Is definitely a unquestionably great write-up, thank you very much. I have saved this website to my own favorites.

  12. Angelo Says:

    I can translate to spanish. That’s not a problem. willing to Volunteer for this great project.

    1. funnybones021 Says:

      Hey, Angelo, that’s great!

      I just need you to register at the HA6S forum: http://ha6s.forumotion.com/forum.htm

      That’s where most of the communication between staff members, and project work takes place. Let me know if you have any questions.

  13. Alex Says:

    Hey! I would love being part of this project, as a translator, I am currently 18 years old, so I grew up watching “Hey Arnold!”.
    I speak English, French and Spanish fluently so I hope i could join and help this project which makes me happy. ^^

    1. Tendra Says:

      That sounds great! To register, simply make an account on our forums (http://ha6s.forumotion.com) and then post up your registry information in the “Register as a Staff Member) sub-forum (http://ha6s.forumotion.com/register-as-a-staff-member-f4/). From there, you can see which comics or episode projects you want to translate. Thanks for your interest!

  14. Ruth Says:

    Pretty interesting what you have going on here. If you need any help still, give me a holler. I’ve been in the fandom for God knows how long, I can write (my speciality is Helga-centric stuff) or play editor, or whatever. I know quite a number of people in the fandom if you need a reference. I know there are people anxious to see this succeed, so I’d like to make them happy.

    1. Tendra Says:

      Hello and thank you so much for your interest! I am not too sure if I have told you this before, but if you ever want to be a part of the project, simply make an account on our forums(http://ha6s.forumotion.com)and sign up with your registration info at our “sign up as a staff member” sub-forum. 😀

  15. Nika555 Says:

    Can I be your translator?I’m from Russia,I speak English,Russian and French…

    1. hellerick Says:

      У них уже есть переводчик из России 🙂

      Но, всё равно заходи.

      1. hellerick Says:

        Кстати, а я тебя знаю?

  16. vannesa Says:

    my name is vannesa and I want to be a writer because my dream has always been part of the world of cartoons and Hey Arnold is my favorite and I would be useful for you to carry out this project

    1. Mykayla Says:

      What’s up, Vanessa? Let me just say for the record that you have great taste in cartoons. Hey Arnold is the BEST. I also want to be a writer. Possibly an episode brainstormer or gag writer. I have already written up some episode ideas for season 6 on How To Register and also some quotes for those episodes. You can read them if you want and even throw some ideas my way. All you have to do is click on the reply button and type your idea and post it. Thanks for the support! Bye! 🙂

  17. Hello there. Need a Graphic designer? I can clean up some pages and colour.
    All to resque these awesome series!

    1. Tendra Says:

      Hello! Thanks for your awesome enthusiasm! If you would like to join our team, please don’t hesitate to post your registry information in the “Register as a Staff Member” sub-forum at http://ha6s.forumotion.com



  18. Elizabeth Says:

    I would love to join in and help out. Like work on gag writing or be a colorist

    1. Tendra Says:

      That’s wonderful! We would love to have you join our team! To register as a staff member, join our forums at http://ha6s.forumotion.com, and submit your registry information in the sub-forum called “Register as a Staff Member”. Hope to see you there!

  19. Gwen Says:

    I would love to be a part of this project as I’ve admired it from afar for quite a while. C: I could be either a script writer, editor, or colorist, depending on what you need most. I attached the link to my deviantART website if you want to do a background check on my abilities or whatever.

    1. Tendra Says:

      Hi Gwen!

      That’s great! We would love to have you on board. To become a staff member, join our forums at http://ha6s.forumotion.com and submit your registry information in the sub-forum called “Registered as a Staff Member”. If you look at our last announcement called “Current State Summer 2011”, you can be caught up to speed on where we are up to now. Hope to see you there!

  20. kittykichi Says:

    I’m all for signing up for this project! I signed up for the boards and everything. My username is Kichi there. I would like to apply for an Inker but since I do most of my work digitally, I can easily go into being a background artist and/or colorist. My deviantart page is kittykichi.deviantart.com. You’ll see a lot of anime stuff in there but I’m more than capable of drawing in a more cartoony style. I’ve been drawing Hey Arnold non-stop now! My email is in my account on the forums. I’d love to hear back!

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