Additional Hey Arnold! 6th Season Project Links:

  1. HA6S Forum: (active)
  2. HA! – A Critical Analysis: (active)


Hey Arnold! Communities:

Get together with your fellow Hey Arnold! fans!

General HA! Communities:

  1. HA! Livejournal Community: (active)
  2. Arnold’s Eyes Forum: (active)
  3. Arnold’s Room (Multiply Community): (semi-active)
  4. HA! Rewatch Livejournal Community: (active)

Fanfiction Communities:

  1. (active)
  2. HA! Fanfiction Livejournal Community: (active)
  3. HA! Prompts: (semi-active)

Fanart Communities:

  1. DeviantART: (active)

Fanvideo Communities:

  1. YouTube: (active)
  2. Veoh: (semi-active)
  3. LiveVideo: (semi-active)


Hey Arnold! Resources:

Learn more about the world of Hey Arnold! at these well-developed sites!

General Hey Arnold! Fansites:

  1. Don Grande’s Hey Arnold! Character & Episode Guide: (semi-active)
  2. Hey Arnold! Wiki: (active)
  3. Hey Arnold! Fan History Wiki: (semi-active)
  4. The Unofficial Hey Arnold! Site: (inactive)

Official HA! Nickelodeon Sites:

  1. Original Hey Arnold! Comics: (inactive)
  2. Hey Arnold! Section on Nickelodeon: (inactive)

Chats/Interviews with Craig Bartlett:

  1. Hillwood City Saved Chats: (inactive)
  2. HA! Wiki Chats and Interviews w/ Craig Bartlett:


The Jungle Movie / The Patakis Related Sites:

The Jungle Movie Related Sites:

  1. Save The Jungle Movie Project: (active)
  2. The Jungle Movie Livejournal Community: (inactive)

The Patakis Related Sites:

  1. The Patakis Fanmade Project: (inactive)



2 Responses to “Links”

  1. hellerick Says:

    I would prefer you to mention “Chats and Interviews with Craig Bartlett” from Hey Arnold Wiki:

    It has fifteen chats/interviews instead of Hillwood City’s three.

    1. funnybones021 Says:

      Ok thanks. I added that to the list. Sorry, things aren’t moving very fluidly as we start out (I guess that’s to be expected).

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