Before submitting your final comic pages, ensure that they comply with the following criteria:

Criteria 1: Comics are of appropriate dimensions

Comics should have a dimension of 11″ x 8″ (width x height; i.e. landscape orientation), or 792 pixels x 576 pixels.  They will be resized later when they get released.

Criteria 2: Include title and credits

If you are submitting the comic pages for an episode project, they should have a title page which includes the title of the episode and a list of staff credits (i.e. by [Person 1], [Person 2], ect.).  If you are submitting the comics pages for a one-shot (gag) comic, you do not require a title page.  Simply state the title and staff credits within the first panel of the first page of your gag comics.

Criteria 3: Comics are in the appropriate file format

Comics should be in JPEG or GIF format.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us in the “Questions” category of the HA6S forums.


One Response to “Comic Format Criteria”

  1. johanna l. Says:

    hola ! mi nombre es johanna, escribo desde México, toda mi niñez fui super fan de arnold hasta ahorita que tengo 22 años y sigo siendo muy fa. solo no he podido aclarar una cuestion. no ha salido la pelicula de la jungla??? y no hay un lugar en fisico donde pueda conseguir los comics??

    me encanta su trabajo, espero me contesten.

    muchos saludos.

    johanna lizbeth. z.

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