HA6S staff members have the option of uploading their scripts to this WordPress site, if they so choose.  This is an easy way to allow other staff members who are working on the project to access the script.  Here is a short tutorial about how to upload your script from Microsoft Word using WordPress. There are two ways to do this: copying the script and pasting it into your WordPress post; or uploading the file directly into your WordPress post. Both of these methods are described in detail below and you may use which ever method you prefer.

Regardless of the method you choose to use you’ll need to start by creating a WordPress account. Then, go to the HA6S forum and send Tendra a personal message letting her know that you have a script you would like to upload to WordPress.  Be sure to include the email address you used to create your WordPress account in the PM.  Tendra will make you a WordPress editor as soon as she gets the message. Once you become an editor, go to the appropriate page on the WordPress site and click on “New Post” at the very top of the page. Now, you can upload your document using the copy-paste method or by uploading the entire word document.  The first method will allow readers to view the script directly in WordPress.  The second method provides a link to view and download the script via Microsoft Word.

Method 1: Copy-Paste

On the list of tools above the text box there is an option to “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink”.  Click that button to show the kitchen sink.  Several additional tools will appear, including an option to “Paste from Word”.

WordPress edit page showing the "Paste from Word" tool.

WordPress edit page showing the "Paste from Word" tool.

Clicking the “Paste from Word” tool will cause a new box to appear.  Copy your Word document and paste it into that box.

Copy your Word document and paste it into this box.

Copy your Word document and paste it into this box.

Using this method will not preserve the original font, but it should preserve the original spacing, punctuation, and most special characters.

Method 2: Uploading the Word File

This method will allow you to provide a link to the script that will allow users to view the document in Microsoft Word, rather than WordPress.  Users will also have the option to save your script directly to their computer.

While writing your post click on the “add media” button above the toolbar; in the Upload/Insert row.

Click on 'Add Media'

Click on 'Add Media'

A box titled “Add Media Files from Your Computer” will then open.  Click on “Select Files” and open your saved script.  Your script will then upload to WordPress and you’ll see the box pictured below.

Click on 'File URL' then 'Insert into Post'

Click on 'File URL' then 'Insert into Post'

Change the title if you don’t like the default, and you’ll have the option to add a caption and description.  Then click “File URL” and “Insert into Post”. Finally, click the blue “Publish” button on the right side of the page.  Since the document is viewed using Word, your font and special characters will be preserved.


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